My Platinum 3776 Collection

I love my 3776 pens and to be honest I took this picture off Google Photos and downloaded to my desk top so I could find it easily. So this is a ramble on how much I love these pens and nibs and a test to see if I can upload this picture. This is only half of the collection. And I will not probably get the new red one coming out because the Shungo which is the first on the left is a gorgeous red and not much different to the new Carnelian. The next pen is the Kumpoo with a soft medium nib. The one in the centre is the Nice Pur. Then the Nice Lavande and then the Nice Lilas. I like the broad nib a lot because I like the ink to show strongly. The last three are broad nibs. I have the Chartres Blue in a medium and the only one I do not have is a music nib. Does anyone have that and like it?

Well let us hope this download was a success.
Oh if you are curious about the Rokka I did not get it as the world wide supply of the Soft medium nib was not enough and it also was very costly.


I have music nib in a black body. Love it, but it needs large format paper.

Nice collection! :smiley: I definitely want to get a music nib as well one day! Plus an SM would be sweet too.

Out of the pens from your photo I personally like the Shungyo and the Kumpoo. I agree that the NA exclusive Carnelian isn’t that interesting if you already have the Shungyo however I’m really tempted to keep one of the Nagasawa exclusive Apricots for myself. (I wish I could keep all of my stock :joy: )

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Your 3776 collection looks pretty :slight_smile: I’ve seen some of these models in person and I love the color of the Levander and the Nice Lilas :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding Kym. I have been struggling with whose Music nib might be the best. When David Parker (Figboot on Pens) and Mike Matteson (Inkdepence) did their reviews with the same pens each came up with a different answer. If I remember correctly one liked the Platinum and the other the Sailor. Pilot was the other option. I have a Soft Medium in the Pilot 74 and my 3776 Kumpoo is a Soft Medium and they are similar. Love both of them. I tend to lean towards the Platinum Music and because they are a bit more expensive I want to get the right 3776 for that purpose. So happy to hear you like it and since I use a lot of non format paper I should be Ok but the dot grid which I think is 5mm in between might be a bit small. Most of my notebooks are dot grid so I will keep that in mind.

I had to laugh when you said you personally like the Shungyo and Kumpoo and I will not reveal why you said that since you know my miracle story of getting them. But they are some of my favourite pens. I am so with you on the Nagasawa Apricot and that is so tempting. I first saw it on Ebay and did not see it on any US or UK online retailer. I think someone might have it now but cannot remember who. I did get the Conklin Sunstone and have matched the Nagasawa Kobe Arima Amber ink to that pen and that is a great match and nice ink. I will try and upload a picture of my last two Conklin purchases as the $60US price is so good for the quality and writing experience.

I love all the differences of opinions as to what pens each person likes. The Lavande and Lilas in person are really beautiful and matching inks a fun project. I have lots of ink so I am always trying something new…I am way behind in updating my ink list on this site and am rather horrified at the number of bottles I have…but since I am not on the leader board in the top ten i am obviously not in too much trouble. Just for fun tell me what ink you would choose for the Lavande and Lilas? If I do not have it then I get to buy another bottle of ink. You already got me to buy the Visconti Blue …so what else? :yum:

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Woww, that’s a lot of responsibility to influence your ink purchases :slightly_smiling_face: I hope you ended up liking the Visconti Blue :slightly_smiling_face:

The middle two colours, Monteverde Rose Noir and Akkerman Lievens Kardinal Paars would fit both pens IMHO. Left to those are the colours I would consider from my collection for the Lavande and to the right for the Lilas.

I’d highly recommend Monteverde Rose Noir (which I was influenced into buying as well :laughing:). It’s a dark purple/violet ink with a hint of grey. It shades spectacularly. Akkerman Lievens Kardinaal Paars is somewhat similar. It has a nice, kind of wine colour. I like it very much because it’s not the usual purple.

For your Lilas the Pelikan Edelstein Star Ruby you’ve mentioned can be a great choice. Akkerman Pulchri Pink is lighter and tiny bit less saturated. I would also consider some gold-like coloured ink, such as the new Comte d’Or from La Couronne du Comte.

Montblanc The Beatles Psychedelic Purple is a very saturated and playful purple, it just jumps out from the paper, I love it. A similar saturated purple I have is Akkerman Parkpop Purper. For the Lavande I would also consider a blue leaning towards lavender like Robert Oster Summer Storm.

Well, these are the inks I would use from my own collection. I understand that several of these may not be easy to obtain from NZ but I tried to include similar inks from well-known brands as well.

Some further ideas:

Now it is my turn to say Wow! What a wonderful answer to my ink question. So many great suggestions and your reply took some time and I am so appreciative.

Will make a few comments. First I do love the Visconti Blue I got from another stream we did about blue ink. It is a great ink and my only Visconti so thanks for that. Also I had forgotten about Robert Oster Summer Storm and that is a beautiful ink. In fact I am really intrigued with greys and blue greys or anything with a grey tinge. So when you mentioned Iro Murasaki Shikibu on the long list I was so pleased as that is one of my favourite lavender purple inks with the paler look. I have enough of your suggestions that I may not have to buy a bottle but I have to tell you that Comte d’ Or is gorgeous. I can order from them so may do so. I gave my Rose Noir away to a friend who loves all the Noirs, but I have others on your list so I am going to have fun over the the next few weeks.

I am sure others reading this reply of yours will enjoy your comments as we all love inks in this community and your suggestions are stellar. I could comment on many other of your suggestions but as you know our preferences are so subjective and personal, but I loved the idea of not always matching the ink to the colour of the pen hence the greys and golds are really thoughtful. You are right too about availability for me and I also have decided not to have ink from all the company’s, just what is easy for me to source. Shipping also is a big issue for me… Oh I must mention to you I love De Atramentis inks and that Loius XIV of France , Antique Pink is stunning…I am going to order that. Thank you again for this reply. I enjoyed it so much. :heart_eyes:

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