November Pen Meet - Budapest

Hi everbody,

It’s time again to plan our next pen meet! :slight_smile:
Please vote for the next date:

  • Nov. 23. (Friday) 18:00
  • Nov. 24. (Saturday) 14:00
  • Nov. 30. (Friday) 18:00
  • Dec. 01. (Saturday, Work day) 18:00

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Be careful, 1st of December is a workday officially.

Thanks! I forgot :smiley:

I closed the voting, the 1st of December will be good for the largest part of the people. We will be meeting in Puskin Kávézó again, but if you have a better suggestion I’m all ear. :slight_smile:

We will plan some activities for the meetup, and will post more details shortly. :slight_smile:

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So the activity what I talked about is that Sakura Fountain Pen Gallery is organising an ink card swapping event.
The gist of it is that pen meets around Europe will make ink card paintings and will send them to each other.
This is based on Nick Stewart’s art. Here is a video of it:

I thought we could make some cards at the meet, or for the meet, and I would send them to the other pen meets. I know of a Belgian and the Parisian pen meet, that participates in this, but I hope they will be more. :slight_smile:
We plan to have a meet in the middle of December, so maybe we could also make cards or until that meet, and send them out after that. :slight_smile:

This sounds fun! Do we need to bring our own brush and paper, or will that be provided specifically for this event?

I’ll bring a blank Tintenbuch so the cards problem is solved :wink: I don’t have any brushes though :frowning:

I can bring some brushes, and I have some cards left also.
There isn’t anything provided specially, but if you like, I can bring some of my inks for you:

I thought if we won’t have enough time on Saturday, maybe we could make some cards at home, and you could bring it to the next meet in December, or we could try to organise the December meet to be a bit longer.