NPD: Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini



Interesting how the lengths match. It does look like a design decision.

Is the purple pen really a PG Slim? That’s supposed to be 110mm uncapped, but here it is much longer.

Btw, have you tried a Sailor medium and/or medium-fine nib? I’m wondering how they are.

(My only Sailor writing experiences are with the cheaper 1911 Young (somiko) and High Ace Neo. The €12 High Ace is a winner imho).


So maybe the Delike New Moon is the same length as the PGS after all. :joy:


The photo cheats a little, I measured it again, and it’s 110mm.

I have a PG with a H-M (Hard Medium) nib, it’s a pretty good writer. But then again I have now several Sailors now, each with a different nib size, and I didn’t have any problem with either one.


@danielb, is there a difference in feedback with your medium and broad Sailor nibs compared to the finer nibs? A few people reported that on FPN, so I wondered whether you had the same experience.

Specifically, they said there was much less feedback on the new medium and broad nibs than there used to be. They think Sailor has changed the way they grind the medium and broad nibs.


I have a Fine, a Hard-Medium, a Zoom, and a Music nib from Sailor. The H-M is a bit more felt tippy then the Fine, but I usually don’t really notice feedback, or much care for it, so I’m not an expert. I think all of my Sailor’s have that Sailor feedback, the feel a bit like using a pencil, but they are all a joy to use.


What do you mean by “felt tip” feeling — compared to pencil-like? Smoother?


For me it feels a bit like using a felt tip pen. :slight_smile:


On a related topic, the Sailor 1911 Standard and Large appear not to be sold in Germany? The reason I read is interesting. It was a blog, but I don’t recall which one. They said it was because Mont Blanc was so well established that Sailor could not compete with the cigar-shaped 1911.

I suppose if the primary clientele are corporate executives then they probably just get a Mont Blanc?


I heard a similar rumour, but there the reason wasn’t that Sailor couldn’t compete with MB, but something more sinister. Allegedly. :confused:


Ooh, the plot thickens. Shakespearean drama in the fountain pen world?


You piqued my interest. Now you have to tell us that rumour! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, again, allegedly, MB has a trademark for its kind of cigar shaped pens in Germany, and they enforce it also. So, allegedly, that cleaned the market in Germany from cigar shaped Japanese fountain pens.
If you look at German web shops you won’t really find Japanese pens that look similar to MBs.
I think this is also the reason, that Sailor has a model called 1911 Blackout Ringless in Europe, which doesn’t have a cap band, and the cap flares a bit more:

Allegedly! :smiley:


Hmm, I don’t believe there are currently any cigar shaped pens from other German brands either. Not only Japanese manufacturers. Pelikan would be the obvious candidate but nothing from them. In fact, they stopped making the rounded ends a few decades ago, right?


Which Pelikan model are you referring to, I don’t know it?


Mainly the Pelikan 400NN. But some others have very rounded cigar shape ends. The 140 is one.


Oh, I heard something on this exact topic only yesterday.

I listened to the nib section podcast first anniversary edition yesterday. I believe it was Sharyn who said that when she first saw the Sailor 1911 she believed it was a knockoff of a Mont Blanc. So she decided to buy an MB instead. That does speak to the strong branding and iconic design of the old MBs.


Yes, all of the Big 3 Japanese brands have a pen that look almost exactly like a MB, which I don’t think is an accident. But they have some additional features that make them worth getting.
And I kinda understand MB to want to protect its sales from Japanese pens that look the same and are cheaper, but I wouldn’t buy a MB if I couldn’t buy a similar Japanese pen.


Exactly. Their horses are too high, they think everyone wants a Mont Blanc…