October Pen Meet - Budapest

Hi everbody,

It’s time again for our next pen meet! :slight_smile:
Please vote for the date:

  • Oct. 19. (Friday) 18:00
  • Oct. 20. (Saturday) 14:00
  • Oct. 26. (Friday) 18:00
  • Oct. 27. (Saturday) 14:00

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The people have spoken, the next pen meet will be on the 26th of Oct! :slight_smile:
I think we will most likely meet at Puskin again, since Kuglóf closes around 19:00.
I will make reservations, and add the location to the post after.

If you have a better idea for a location I’m all ears! :slight_smile:


Szia, elhozod akkor a Waldent? Én viszem a Vert Olive-et. :smiley:

Jó hogy szoltál, el is felejtettem! Majd viszem. :slight_smile: