Oxford Signature A5 notebook

I just received an Oxford Signature A5 hardcover notebook. The paper is fairly fountain pen friendly (haven’t tried really wet pens though), but I’m OK with less than 100% performance at a price of less than 7€! This is my Amazon DE order although it seems only that color in graph paper is that cheap. The description also lists dot grid but I couldn’t find that anywhere online for a reasonable price.

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I read that these have decent paper, but I don’t like their cover. Locally I could only buy one with a hardcover, and I like softcover notebooks.
But I’d like to see your test with a wet pen! :slight_smile:

My FPR flex nib bled the tiniest amount and feathered only in one tiny spot. That’s pretty good for such a notebook I think. All in all I like it. Especially for half the price than the 100% fountain pen friendly notebooks.

I bought a Maruman Mnemosyne 182 for 4,65€ and this seems pretty fountain pen friendly, it only bleed through where I painted with the Fude nib.

I had a Maruman Croquis which has different paper which bleeds through more but I really like, and a Maruman P164 Reporter Pad which really bleeds through.
But I think the Mnemosyne seems to be a good alternative also for cheap, good quality paper.

Cool! That’s good to know. Where would one find Mnemosyne paper in Europe? Is it readily available?

I looked around and I only found them at Cult Pens, and Tollak Boltja, a local, Hungarian store. So it’s not easy, but can be found. :slight_smile:

I love the way the cover looks plus the color! I haven’t decided yet if I prefer soft or hardcover, I guess I gotta try out more notebooks :smiley: