Pelikan Hubs 2022!

By now the news is out! Finally we get our hubs back! It’s a short window this time, have fun registering everyone!


I had no idea what a Pelican Hub was when I saw this lol!

But InkJournal sent out it’s weekly newsletter Sunday (usually comes out on Friday & called Flex Nib Friday-this one was called Stub Nib Sunday!) and he had a little bit on it and a link to read more.

Here’s where the link brought me to find out more:

It’s a lot of fun, there’s usually gifts for attendees, you don’t have to own a Pelikan and it’s fun to geek out with like minded individuals! if there isn’t one to choose from in your area then suggest it!

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It does sound like fun! I only have a couple of P20/P22 Culture pens from Pelican which I’ve not even inked up yet!

But I am going to see if there’s one around my area…this had become a pretty big hobby for me in the past few years & it’d be nice to be around a bunch of fountain pen geeks like myself!! Thanks!

Don’t forget the sign up window is short this time, I think it was only 2 weeks(?) You can suggest a location when you sign up and if at least 7 of you do the same there will be a HUB!

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