Pelikan Souverän M1005 Stresemann (Special Edition) opinions


What’s your opinion about the new Pelikan Souverän M1005 Stresemann? The same looks as the M805 but with the M1005 size and the amazing M1000 series nibs. I’ve seen it for €625.

Apart from the new special edition, the M1000 comes only in the 2 regular colours: the black and the green striped, both with gold accents and a two-tone nib.


Fritz Schimpf has it for €516…

I like that Fritz Schimpf always has a discount on new Pelikans from day one. :slight_smile:
The pen looks good, but Pelikan being Pelikan made an ultra-conservation move here, I would much rather have an M100x with blue stripes. :smile:
But I guess if I want a flashy M100x I can send one to Bokumondoh.

the pen is certainly stylish, and eye-catching. but it’s so far away from my tastes, that i am not tempted even a smidgen. and that’s the case for me with almost all pelikans.

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What kind of pens do you like?

I’ve tried an M1000 recently, the nib is essentially the same as the M1005 Stresemann. I liked the size of the nib and its noticeable springiness (but it was definitely not too mushy).

It kinda looks like all the other Pelikan pens to be honest, I’m not sure why they don’t dare to do something new with at least the coloring if they are so keen on sticking to the shape.

Let’s leave something for the Italian pen manufacturers :grinning:


true :smiley: even though I love my M205 but maybe it’s better if they don’t come out with something I want :smiley: