Pen, ink, and paper related goals for 2019

BUEK everyone!

I am setting some personal goals including some pen-related ones, and thought that maybe you will find it interesting and would like to share yours too.

the biggest thing for 2019 is to continue with more minimalistic lifestyle, and for pens this means 1) to not buy new pens as much as reasonably possible (future exceptions are made for Platinum LEs), 2) get rid of pens that i don’t use.

I will continue to not buy any new paper (2018 was a success in this regard), and want to do the same for inks.

third goal is a social one - to participate in all pen meet ups in Budapest.

what about you? do you bother with goal setting at all? do you prefer the term “NY resolutions”?

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Good idea. I talk about mine in the latest episode of 2G0P. If you don’t want to listen to it, here they are:

  • Use my pencils more: I own a lot, but use fountain pens almost exclusively. I want to figure out if I like them or not. I’ve already found out that I like soft (4B) pencils.
  • Finish my bottle of Rohrer & Klingner Verdigris from the 2018 ink bottle challenge. I’ll be done this or next month.
  • Finish at least another bottle. I’ve found some candidates already.
  • An an opposing goal: Try more inks! I have 15 bottles and almost 100 samples that I haven’t even tried. I need to try more of these this year.
  • Buy less cheap stuff (i.e. Chinese pens) and instead be more deliberate in what I buy.

All very vague goals, but that also means that they’re achievable.


Happy New Year!

My new year goals:

  • Improve handwriting
  • Learn some basic calligraphy
  • Improve my knowledge on pens and inks
  • Engage more with the FP community
  • Be more focused with FP purchases, make only meaningful purchases
  • Use the pens I have or else give them away / sell them
  • Use the tons of ink I already have

I hope I’ll achieve something in each area :slightly_smiling_face:

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Very inspiring to see so many different yet somehow similar goals. :smiley:
Last year I spectaculary failed the #emptyinkbottle challenge, so I’m a bit shy with resolutions. But here’s my list for 2019:

  • No more impulse purchases.
  • More frequent writing and drawing: using my pens, inks and notebooks more.
  • Experimenting with inkwash and urban sketching.
  • Not to buy any more ink (except for a certain color I couldn’t get last year).

Simple and reasonable goals, to keep my hobby simple and reasonable. :sweat_drops:


happy new year! :slight_smile:

  1. sell some pens, which I don’t use. Lamy, antique Aurora, antique Shaeffer, antique Parker… they gotta go, cuz I don’t use them and I also do not plan to.
  2. buy some pens, with different nib sizes and grinds… definitely a music nib (either Sailor or Platinum), and some cursive italic nibs. my motto is: go broad or go home. :smiley:
  3. find good inks, which are like a dream on paper.
  4. get to know more papers, cuz I only know Maruman Mnemosyne atm.