Pen Meet - 2020 February - Budapest

Hi everbody,

Please vote for the date of our next pen meet:

  • Friday, Feb 21 18:00
  • Saturday, Feb 22 14:00
  • Saturday, Feb 22 18:00
  • Friday, Feb 28 18:00
  • Saturday, Feb 29 14:00
  • Saturday, Feb 29 18:00

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The next pen meet will be on the 22th of Feb, at 14:00.
We should again meet in Puskin Restro.


I will miss this one. Have fun, guys

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I looks like the group split up again in two parts. If you can agree, you could have a second meetup on the 28th or 29th. :slight_smile:

Iā€™m so sorry, in the end I cannot make it today. :frowning: But have fun, and hopefully next time I can join again.