Pen/paper shops in Berlin

Hi there!

I’m from Spain and will be traveling to Berlin next June on a business trip but I think I will have some free time to spend around in the city. Do you have any recommendations for shops or secondhand market, vintage vendors… that you feel worthy to take a look?

Also, I work on the tea and coffee industry, any recommendation about tea rooms or coffee shops?


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Funny you should ask, I will be traveling to Berlin next week. :slight_smile: I won’t have much time for stationery shopping so I will just go to my favourite store: Luiban. They also have an online store, so be careful when checking them out. You might end up buying something. :grimacing:

Thank you! The website looks amazing :)____ lucky me this Saturday is pen show in Barcelona and cannot afford to buy anything until Saturday :smiley:

Safe trip!

Oh, that’s cool! Have fun there and let us know how it went and what you bought. :slight_smile:

off topic but please tell us about the pen show afterwards! :slight_smile:

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