Pennonia shading inks

Hello all,
Pennonia has some lovely new shading inks out. I have just purchased a bottle of the blue one named after a lake from La Couranne du Comte with their -15% for the olympics this weekend. Has anyone tried these already?

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I haven’t tried that one but I have the Tihany Lila which is named after the peninsula next to the lake in question. Amongst others the Tihany peninsula is famous for the lavender that grows there and the ink has a beautiful shading lavender colour. My other favourite is Méregzöld (Poison green) which is a great shader too. I’d describe its colour as something between green and teal. Last time I’ve purchased one of their shimmer powders but I haven’t had the time to play with it yet. It should be fun :slight_smile:

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I also have Tihanyi Lila and it’s one of my favorite inks.


I really like Pennonia! My favourite color is the Hupikék! :slight_smile: I’d like to try shimmer, I hope soon.