Pilot’s 100th Anniversary LE inks

So I just saw that someone had already got their order and posted swatches over at reddit.
They do look nice, especially Benzai-ten, but do I really need another bottle of pink? Of course not. :smiley:


@Inkantadora has some pictures and @Yvesli_0915 also swabbed them.
They’re looking not bad, I think I’ll get the 7x15ml set. :slight_smile:
But I think the colors are not really that special, they look a bit flat, pastelly like the Bungbux Tokyo Metro Set. They look like Pilot plugged the holes in the standard line, for example it would be good if they add a turquoise to the standard line. :slight_smile:
Hoteison looks like the most interesting one.
It’s also interesting that Europe got the colors first, @Inkantadora bought them a couple of weeks ago, and people just starting to buy them in Japan. :smiley:

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Yeah, just checked insta and saw her pictures as well :smiley: I’m glad there are some things we get first, even if it makes not much sense to me. I mean why these were the ones, not some special Diamine inks or sth.

I definitely like those metro pastels, I’m secretly still hoping the pastel Safaris will come with pastel inks.

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