Platinum #3776 Chartres Blue GT <M> for €110

I know many of you like the 3776 so I thought I share this.

It’s Winter Sale at La Couronne du Comte (with which I’m not associated in any way) and there’s a Platinum #3776 Chartres Blue GT for €110,25. (It’s for €122,5 -10% BROWN10 discount code = €110,25). Plus international shipping I suppose.

There are two other colours at a discount price (-10% already applied to winter sale prices):

  • 3776 Black Diamond ST €130,50
  • 3776 Nice Pur (LE) €157,50

I bought mine for about 100 euro incl. Shipping from ebay. One of my best decisions.

Wowww, that was a great deal for a decent pen with a gold nib :slight_smile:

Thank you Peter for this notice. I have ten 3776"s and sales like this get me in trouble. I do have the offers but if they ever get the Rokka in a SM I would be sorely tempted. My problem at present is that the NZ Customs are so onerous at the moment and some sellers are now putting on our GST as well so it is getting so hard to buy online overseas for me. Shipping is also part of the GST equation as well, I always enjoy your posts and wanted to tell you that I just put Visconti Blue into my blue Platinum President and what a lovely ink and match that is. All thanks to your ink suggestion a while ago. Barbara .

@BarbaraNZ What do you think of this #3776 Galaxy model?

I know, it’s a lot of money :smiley:

Oh Dear! I have never seen that model thank heavens! What a gorgeous pen. I wonder some times who can afford these prices as those of us who really love pens and ink usually cannot afford to buy something like this and in some ways rather a shame. We would appreciate it so much. Thank goodness this is not my dream grey pen and I keep hoping that something will catch my eye that is not beyond my means. There seems to be a growing interest in grey inks hopefully someone will design a pen to match that the regular pen community can afford. The Montegrappa Elmo has been doing some gorgeous pen bodies that are really affordable but no grey yet. I live in hope. Thanks for this tempting 3776. We know the nib is great on this pen so someone will be lucky enough to purchase it and be so happy. Thanks for thinking of me. Barbara :cherry_blossom:

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It’s a super pretty pen @petrisz. As I can’t afford it I went for the Moonman M8 instead. :wink:

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