Please comment my newest prototype fountain pen

I just wanted to show my newest fountain pen made of cellulose acetate in “Koi-style”.

I made this pen a few weeks ago out of this wonderful material. It is clipless, c/c-fill, with a three way start 14mm thread from barrel to cap and has an unbranded, #6, gold-plated fine BOCK nib.

It´s the prototype for a series I want to start producing next month. Maybe I´ll change the red trim to nickelsilver and add a clip.

Please, tell me what you think!


Personally I’m not a fan of the gold ring on the grip section. I would kindly suggest offering a rollstop. It’s a great way to add a decorative aspect for those who never use the clip anyway and not enough makers offer it.
Overall I think it looks good although the material is not to my taste. I would suggest in your listing being very specific with your pictures depicting the way measurements are taken. It’s very hard to visualize a pen you’ve never seen before. For me at least, overall size, grip diameter and weight is very important.
In the end it is ALL about how the nib performs but a little decoration there goes a long way to completing the look. Hope that helps!

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I like it! I think a silver nib would look better (but I’m partial to silver trim anyway). I like the red trim, though, better than nickel.

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