Recommendations for pens with #5 nibs

So as the title says I’m looking for pens you guys use and like or would like to own with #5 nibs. I was thinking about getting the Kanilea Pen Co. Kahakai pen but I’m reconsidering it since it has a #6 nib and I just find those too big :disappointed_relieved: (it is a gorgeous pen and it’s related to Hawaii so it would be my grail pen if not for the nib size and probably the size of the pen in general.)
My favorite is my M205 Pelikan and I will get a Sailor Pro Gear so flat tops are especially welcomed but I’m interested, for now just to satisfy my curiosity :smiley:, in anything.
Thanks for your help in advance. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen Opus 88 Koloro and Fantasia pens lately

  • No. 5 nib :white_check_mark: (Jowo)
  • Flat top :white_check_mark:

I was thinking about the Koloro (that mustardy yellow is looking really nice) but I feel like I should check this in person to know if we are a match. (So if anyone wants to buy one and come to the next pen meet… :sweat_smile:)

You said, Pro Gear, but that has a #6 nib. It is relatively chunky considering how short it is. It’s great to write with, but if I shift my grip the pen can slip.

I find the M2XX the most comfortable for my hands. I can twirl an M200 like a baton (slight exaggeration) in one hand and it’s always safe. But holding a Pro Gear I can’t even safely shift my grip without it trying to escape. Have to be very careful. Depends on your hands, I guess?

@dragorsi, you might like the Sailor Sapporo a.k.a. Pro Gear Slim. It has a #5 nib. The Writing Desk has them at good prices AND you get free, expert nib tuning included. They still have both current special editions in stock as well. But it’s UK, so may only be attractive until March 29th 2019.

Sailor uses a different nib sizing. The #5 nibs have 5.0mm feed diameter, and the #6 have 6.0mm, while the Sailor medium nibs (Pro Gear Slim, 1911S) have 5.8mm, and their big nibs (Pro Gear, 1911L) have 6.4mm. So I don’t think there is a one-to-one correspondence, so you have to go by eye with them. :slight_smile:

Sure, but that’s true for most manufacturers who make their own nibs, right? A strict #5 or #6 is the exception.

You can have two #6 nibs, but one does not fit inside a pen cap because the wings are spread outwards. So knowing the feed size doesn’t help much.

My understanding is that when we say #5, it means “The closest in size to a standard #5”. In most cases it is an “approximation“. I’m guessing that’s what @dragorsi meant?

It’s similar to notebooks. Many A5 notebooks are only A5-ish.

Of course, I just wanted to say, that with Sailor and the other Japanese brands you maybe have to compare it with your eyes, and can’t necessary rely on them being the same size as the #5 or #6 nibs. But to tell the truth I didn’t compare the size of these nibs myself, so maybe I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, sorry about that, what I meant was how usually #6 and #5 nibs look. I know that it’s not a standard thing. I like my TWSBI Eco, Pelikan M205 and Lamy Safari nibs, but find the Jinhao x750 and Ranga Model 4 nibs too big/wide.
I didn’t know there is a difference between nib sizes when it comes to Pro Gear and Pro Gear slim, so thanks for that @marcus!
I just know that @danielb’s matt black Pro Gear is beautiful and I didn’t notice the nib, though it’s black so that might matter. :smiley:

Ahh yeah, Brexit. I will still have a " getting it with a friend’s help" card when it comes to the UK, but I’m currently hoping for a special edition from Japan this summer. :slight_smile:
But thanks!

So you two made me curious, and I’ve taken pictures of some nibs for comparison :smiley:


  • GvFC #5 F nib
  • Pelikan M2XX BB nib
  • Sailor Medium Zoom nib
  • Sailor Big Music nib
  • Platinum #3776 M nib
  • Pilot #15 F nib
  • Visconti #6 F nib

Looks like than I like narrow, short nibs I guess :smiley: Left is the M205 F nib, right is a Bock F nib. Not just longer but wider as well.
The Sailor Medium Zoom nib looks small, is that the same size as your Pro Gear, you know which I mean :smiley:

No, the Zoom is in a PG Slim, my PG Imperial Black has a larger nib, like the Music nib in the picture. But looking at them side-by-side the medium and big Sailor nibs aren’t that much different in size. :slight_smile:

Looking at them side-by-side, the PG Slim nib is very similar in size to the M2xx. The Pelikan nib is a tiny bit longer, but both have the nib sides/wings wrapped snuggly around the feed. They both look diminutive compared to your Bock #6.

The PG (music) nib is similar in size to a 3776 (medium). I don’t believe the Sailor music is any different to the other nibs, but I don’t know.

@danielb, is the Sailor music any different to the PG fine in size? I don’t believe it is because it’s a two tine stub, not a “true three-tine music” nib (but I really dig it :smiley:).

No, they are the same size :slight_smile: