I am new to repairing/restoring pens. I am having a hard time learning about where to find how to polish and shine different materials fountain pens are made of. Would welcome suggestions…


Hi @JDB , Welcome, good to see you here. It’s a great question and I hope someone can give you guidance.

I purchased 8 pens off an estate sales on Facebook. I contacted a local pen shop and was provided Pen Polish Novus #2 for restoration purposes. I have access to a jewelry sonicator and a water pic as well and considered these might be too tools (maybe not gentle enough). I watched a few YouTube videos on the topic and think the sonicator could be a good option if any pens have mold or mildew. I am curious to watch this thread for other tips. Thank you for posting @JDB :fountain_pen:

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Hi there,
I too am new here but if you’re interested in restoring & polishing there’s a great video on YouTube by Grandma pens: How to Polish a Fountain Pen

It’s quite extensive and perhaps not what you’re looking for but I found it to be very informative. There are some compounds he uses which are of his own formula but after reading through all the comments (hint: he’s not giving away his homemade secret potion recipe!) I’ve figured out that you can substitute or do without that particular compound and just use Simchrome or another polish in it’s place.
How to polish a fountain pen. - YouTube
Good luck!

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