Report After Using the Platinum 3776 Carnelian


This in person is a gorgeous pen. Beautiful red colour with sparkly bits and really full of light and beauty. This is my first music nib and it is writing pretty wide but so smooth and I really cannot complain. I have other red 3776’s but this is the most striking colour. We all know that Platinum really did a good job with rhe Kumpoo but I have to say this Carnelian is a great addition. There are many red inks out there to use and it I am using something not too dark to take away from the bright cheerfulness of this pen colour. Currently I have Robert Oster Sparkling Cranberry in it and to be honest I did not shake the bottle too much as I wanted the lovely pure red and did not want the particles to clog the nib. Maybe I am being over cautious but I try and not use Shimmer inks in my better pens…What do I use? I have lots of Platinum Preppys to test the shimmer inks and frankly I prefer shading to shimmer.

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