Rhodia paper experiences

Hi Folks,
Where can I buy Rhodia notepads with plain and dot grid paper? Pirex seems to have squared and ruled versions only, which is pretty disappointing. Could you recommend me a stationery shop in Budapest where I can get these?
And does anyone know if Rhodia makes cream colour version of their papers? Are they exist?

Rhodia have a premium line which is cream coloured — if I remember correctly. It is nicer.

I believe that all the Rhodia Heritage is cream colored (with orange ruling). But at least the A5 notebook from that line that I have doesn’t have as fountain pen friendly paper as the white pads. But that seems to be the case with all the Rhodia notebooks from what I hear.

I found my cream/ivory Rhodia pad. It’s called a Rhodia “R” pad. It’s 90g instead of the usual 80g, with ivory coloured paper. Feels exactly the same to me as Clairefontaine Triomphe. Smoother than the regular Rhodia.

I think Brian Goulet may have talked about the Rhodia R pad. It does cost more than the regular ones. It has a very nice “soft touch” cover — a special coating. If not Brian then I have no clue who else it might have been.

I bought some dot grid Rhodias at SNK papír-írószer, near where Fiók used to be, but they didn’t had that many, I remember mostly A5, but maybe I bought my A4 dotPad there also. You could also maybe try Green-Papír, or Pátria Papír.
Pirex carries Rhodiaramas, maybe some of them are cream papered, but maybe I’m confusing them with the Quo Vadis Habanas. I think they are also made by Clairefontaine, and I remember Brian Goulet talking about them, that they have also good paper. :slight_smile:
I think you can’t buy the Rhodia Heritage or ColoR line in Hungary, or at least I don’t know about it, but I would really like it if someone would carry the Heritage Raw Spine ones. :slight_smile: