Sailor 1911 Junior Transparent (MF)

I don’t dare to use shimmering inks in my expensive pens, because I’m afraid of they will clog the nib. So today I decided to buy a relatively cheap Sailor 1911 Junior Transparent for use with shimmering inks.
As far as I can remember from previous pen meetings, @danielb also has this pen. Did you try to use this pen as an eyedropper?
Does anyone have experience with this pen? What are your thoughts about it?

I didn’t try to convert it to an eyedropper pen, but I think it would be possible. But there is an article comparing the Sailor Procolor 500 to a Lorelei, that says that the 500 is prone to cracking at the end of the barrel. Maybe the Junior is similar, so I think you should be careful with converting it. :slight_smile:

I have that pen too. It writes very wet so I don’t think there should be an issue as long as you clean out the pen well and don’t leave it unused for too long. Sailor really has excellent ink flow. Must be the feeds?

Can’t help with eyedroppering. Only had the pen for about three months. Not long enough to say how tough the plastic is.

Yesterday I’ve inked up one of my Sailor Juniors with Diamine Spearmint Diva. It’s amazing (and really scary) to see how the tiny little shimmering particles are flowing and clogging inside the pen. Now I see why so many people fancy clear demonstrator pens. But I don’t want to imagine filling up my expensive pens with these shimmering stuff, it’s too horrifying because of the clogging. It shouldn’t be easy to clean those particles out of the pen.