Sailor Ink Bottle Comparison

I finally could get a vase bottled Sailor ink, so I thought I would take a couple of comparision shots of the various Sailor ink bottles, if Iā€™m correct, the only one that is missing is the new 50 ml square bottle (and the old 30 ml Storia bottles, but I can live without those :slight_smile: ). If someone would want to help me get a bottle let me know. :slight_smile:
From left to right, the inks and bottles are:

  • Style Dee Delta - Dojima Gold, old vase bottle
  • Sailor Jentle Four Season - Rikyu-Cha, old squat bottle
  • Sailor Shikiori - Shimoyo, new 20 ml bottle
  • Sailor Ink Studio - 935, same new 20 ml bottle