Sailor Metallic Resin Finishes

Does anyone have any Sailor Sapporos or Pro Gears with a “metallic” resin finish?
It’s still plastic/resin, but has a finish that gives it some kind of metallic look.

Some of the four seasons models have the metallic finish, and the current Sapporo lineup has a blue and purple metallic finish.

Do you see the striations as shown in the following post on FPN:

That thread is three years old so maybe current models are different?

Wow, those pens look pretty strange! This issue bothers me a little bit, as I’m considering to buy a Sailor Pro Gear Slim with Saibi-togi nib. But it has a more pearly finish than metallic, so I don’t know. Anyway, it looks like I should definitely check the pen body very carefully before buying it.

I emailed The Writing Desk in the UK and they confirmed that the striations are present, however not at all as pronounced as the photos on FPN. From what other people have also said it seems the pen posted on FPN was a bit extreme.

Someone sent me a private photo of a red metallic PGS and the striations appeared relatively subtle in comparison. That person liked them and thought it made the pen more interesting and gave it more depth.

I have a PGS Purple Cosmos which I think has the kind of metallic resin you ask about, mine has also those lines, I noticed them before, but they are not that pronounced. They are even hard to capture on phots :slight_smile:

Thanks, I hadn’t seen that on any photos of the purple cosmos yet. It gives me a fairly good idea of what to expect.

Yesterday I have visited the pen shop in Pesthidegkút, and I can confirm that the Sailor Saibi-togi pen also has these stripes which was mentioned in the FPN topic. Unfortunately it’s pretty significant and prominent, so I was very disappointed.

You could always go with the Blueberry. Isn’t that a solid purple colour?

Unfortunately Saibi-togi nibs made by Yukio Nagahara himself, and that’s more than enough reason to get that pen. :grinning: