Sale: Kaweco, Faber-Castell, Galen Leather

Hey guys! I’m trying to thin my collection so I’m putting up some of my pens and pen case for sale.

  • Kaweco Brass Sport F + Gold clip + Gold plated nib - 19 000 HUF / 55 EUR

  • Kaweco Steel Sport M + Silver clip - 19 000 HUF / 55 EUR

  • Kaweco Special Brass - 19 000 HUF / 55 EUR

  • Faber Castell Ambition Coconut M - 23 000 HUF / 65 EUR

The Kawecos come in their respective tin cases, the Ambition didn’t have a case but I’ll put it into one for safe transport.

Payment via Paypal Goods & Services, or bank transfer (or in cash if you’re in Budapest)

Postage: 2 000 HUF to Hungary, 6 EUR to USA and EU (+4 EUR if you want tracking)

  • Galen Leather Crazy Horse zipper pen case - 10 pens, comes in original box
    9 000 HUF / 25 EUR

Postage: 2 000 HUF to Hungary, 18 EUR to USA and EU (Sent via DHL Express)


Can I have the Galen pen case please?

Kawecos and Galen are sold. Faber-Castell Ambition is still available.

Pelikan M400 Stresemann F, 220 EUR, free worldwide shipping! I don’t have the box for the pen but I’ll ship it in an old Pilot box for protection.

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Lovely pen, looking to move up to gold from my m205…

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Hey! I see your inks on sale on the la couranne du Comte website!! Great! Stuff😃well done

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Thanks! Things are starting to get interesting! :smiley: New inks are coming soon too!

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