Sorting on Inked Date, Last Usage,... in Currently Inked page

Hi! The Currently Inked page show the pens on alphabetical order and that is pretty good, especially when you have a few pens inked.
In my case, sometimes I have 30 or more pens inked and to keep track on which ones have inked for a long time, or to see which ones I haven’t used for a while, I export the data and do a sorting in Excel.
Now I’d like to suggest that the page features sorting on any sortable way possible. It might help for us who are crazy and have too many pens inked up at the same time.
I love the site, I come here everyday!

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Hi Antonio,

that is one of the things I want to do eventually. You’re not the first person to bring this up. :wink: In the end I want all the page with a table of data to work the same and for all of them to be searchable and sortable.



Thank you Urban, for responding and thanks also for all the great work in the FPC.