Swiss Binding Notebooks

I think it was @ujh who talked about the Swiss binding of the Moo notebook on FPC? Anyway, have a general question about the Swiss binding since I have another notebook using this style of binding.

When one wants to write on the reverse side of the page of a new notebook, there is a large “step down” since the binding is exposed. The reverse side does not lay flat. It’s not completely flat on both sides until you reach halfway.

How do you deal with this? My only thought was to fold and crease the page.

I don’t remember having big issues with the Moo notebook. I dug it out this morning and checked again and I think it works because the first page on that notebook is made of fairly thick card stock so it’s not too hard to write on it. Maybe the first few pages are a bit more difficult but I didn’t have any issues with it fairly quickly and I never put anything underneath it.