Two Jinhaos from Peter

These two pens are up for grabs! If you can handle their weight. :stuck_out_tongue:
@petrisz left them with me to forward it to anyone who would like them. They are bigger pens so look into them to be sure you’d like them.
I’d prefer a personal hand over, but if someone is willing to pay the postage I’m gladly posting them to anywhere. :slight_smile:
These are Jinhao 159s if I’m correct. I can’t see any sizing on the nib, but by the looks of it I’d say they have fine nibs.
Please feel free to ask any questions!
ETA: both found a new home, thank you!.

Hi! I think the green one is very pretty. If no one has asked for it, could I have it? :slight_smile:
I could pick it up personally tomorrow, anytime. Thank you so much. Vini

You can!
Are you willing to come out to Biatorbágy? :sweat_smile: Cos than of course. :smiley: But I’ll be at Budapest next Wednesday if that works better for you.

Thank you, that’s very kind of you :smile:
Perhaps Wednesday could be a better option! I’ll be working but after office hours I’d be free. Many thanks for that :smiley:

Ok! Am I assuming correctly that you’re Hungarian? :smiley:

Hi, I’m not Hungarian, but I do live in Hungary :slight_smile: I hope that’s OK with you for the pen give away. Thank you. :smiley:

Of course! I just asked for communication purposes :smiley:
Can you be at Deák, down in the Metro 2 (red) line a little before 5pm? I plan on being there from 4:50pm and if I can give you the pen in time, I can catch my train home. :slight_smile:Thanks!

Thank you @dragorsi for helping these pens to find their new home!