VP cleaning tips?

So I’m kind of new to VP’s. I take the cartridge out and use a bulb syringe until water runs clear. When I go to reink again I notice residual ink. In fact if I then put the nib pointed down under water it ran blue (old ink) quite a bit. What am I doing wrong? Tips?

After doing what you described, I put toilet paper square/tissue/napkin(or)paper towel in a shot glass (or likened glass) & leave the nib down to wick remaining water/ink combo overnight (after flushing) w/every fountain pen I’ve cleaned off I’m more impatient, I wait a couple hours, 3-4.

Some inks ARE harder to clean out, what blue did you use?

Idk how many you have to enjoy, but that’s never left me w/an ink residue problem. I pray that helps, God bless!


It was just Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite. I’ve tried that trick too, but after posting on another forum I’m thinking it’s likely ink that was trapped behind the little trap door in the nose cone. The previous user I purchased from also used blue ink but I think she just used the squeeze converter.