What are you using today?


I thought it would be fun to have a topic, where we can share our currently inked, currently using, nib shootout type of pictures! :slight_smile:


I start, today I use my Pilot Custom 823 with an F nib, with Franklin-Christoph Terra Firma.


I spent my day with Leonardo Momento Zero Sea stone inked with Diamine Florida Blue. (And a no-name notebook)

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Today I’m using:

Sailor Procolor 500 shikisai Sakura with Edelstein Tanzanite.

Inoxcrom I dont know the model, it’s a promotional fountain pen from a phone comapny but it’s all black with a really small logo so its quite “clean” inked with a pelikan 4001 blue.

Lamy Al-star Black with a 1.1 stub and Cherry blossom ink from Robert Oster.

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My camera is kind of bad so the picture is a bit weird…


I used a Jinhao 8802 with Organic Studio’s Nitrogen.

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Friday was spent with Sailor ProcolorAqua and Velvet Bluegrass ink from Ferris Wheel Press.
Sailor’s nibs are so good, even the steel ones.

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Doodle of the day :smile:
I was trying out dotting a wet paper and then painting the tree when it got dry. You can tell that I’m no artist, but it’s fun anyway :slight_smile:


I’m on the mission to go through 30 ml bottle of Diamine Florida Blue. So today I’ve inked up Sailor Pro Gear Sky with it.


I got a block of 200g postcard sized papers as a little present for Children’s Day (tells a lot about what my family thinks of my hobby :smile:) The paper manufacturer is Evora(?) and it is made in [suspense drumroll] China.
So my doodle of the day is…

The inks & pens used are:

  • Akkerman Rembrandt’s Karmozijn + Lamy 2000 <F>
  • Akkerman Hofvijver Grijs + Graf von Faber-Castell Intuition <M>

As you can see, the paper is fountain pen friendly, no visible feathering and there is some shading with the grey ink and even tiny visible shading even with the Karmozijn.

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