What are you using today?

Right now I’m trying to finish my bottle of Pelikan 4001 turquoise. I had about 10ml left and couldn’t really fill a pen from the bottle anymore. I decanted it all into sample vials and then decided to just fill up some pens! It turns out I have a thing for demonstrators! :wink:


Nice flock of pens. What are they?
I have over 4 dozen of inks but I haven’t managed to empty any of the bottles yet (Akkerman Passageblauw is the closest) :smiley:

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From left to right: Moonman C1, PenBBS 456 (with FPR Ultra Flex nib), Wing Sung piston filler (Pilot 78G knock off), Pelikan M205 (the clear LE), PenBBS 355.

Oh, and finishing an Akkerman bottle will be quite the achievement! Those are pretty big.

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Montblanc The Beatles Psychedelic Purple is a great vibrant saturated medium purple ink. It does shade some depending on the paper, and does not have sheen unless you pour ink on the paper. I’ve been thinking about buying this for a long time because I like The Beatles. I kept postponing the purchase because MB L.E. inks are quite pricey and I have tons of inks anyway. Over time I got concerned that this L.E. will run out so I checked a few reviews whether the ink might be interesting or is it just the packaging. The sample photos looked promising so I ended up buying this ink and I’m really happy about it. It’s a fun ink that pops out while also behaves quite well except for some bleed through on less FP ink friendly paper.


Today’s pen & inks:

  • The Nakaya Piccolo Writer (soft medium) with Montblanc Chinese Blue
  • Pelikan M101n (Fritz Schimpf Fine Italic) sporting Fritz Schimpf Fritzrot

Both inks are really growing on me, so do the nibs of the pens. I get a lot of journalling done, because I desperately want to put those pens to good use.


That’s a nice Pelikan! and that red and blue ink go so well together :smiley: It looks like I gotta get some Fritzrot in the future.

What other inks are the two inks comparable to?
I wanted to try out Fritzrot for a while now. :slight_smile:
I also wonder how the new blue MBs look in person, MB really went overkill with new inks this year. :smiley:

Hi @nahlinse, glad to have you here as well. :slight_smile:

The EDC of my rainy friday :slight_smile:

Someone recently showed me that his Duofold Centennial nib made a squeeky noise while writing. The nib of my Duofold International does sing too :slight_smile: What do you think about “singing” nibs?

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I’m in autumn mood today :slight_smile:

I’ve bought this beautiful Twiss hybrid wood-epoxy resin pen at the Tilburg Pen Show along with the Montblanc James Purdey & Sons Single Malt ink. I’ve always wanted a wooden pen but I was too afraid that this living-breathing porous material can get stained easily. So my first (partly) wooden pen has a hard coating that completely seals the wood. This sort of freezes the time and gives a spectacular and vibrant snapshot of the wood. The lighter areas are the outer regions of the wood cross section. All this nicely juxtaposed by the amazing looks of the deep dark lilac resin with swirls of bright Mica powder specks in it.

John Twiss makes these pens with Jowo #6 nibs available from EF to OB in steel or gold. Mine is a steel EF that was hand-tuned by John so it works well.


An old calendar fell behind my drawer which triggered cleaning the drawer and arranging my inks in an orderly manner in the drawer which lead to rediscovering all my ink samples hiding there. That’s how I ended up inking up my green-checked Duofold with Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrün.

It has a very pretty colour and it shades nicely on Tome River. My only complaint is that it feathers a bit depending on the paper and the ink-flow.

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I’ve been using my Leonardo Officina Italiana Furora a lot recently. It’s my favourite these days. So much so that I feel a bit bad for my other pens. :wink:


I’ve just bought my second Leonardo and those are some spectacular pens. The steel nibs are excellent as well. These are Bock nibs (AFAIK) but they must be hand-tuned because the nibs are amazing out-of-the-box. I’ve tried several Leonardo nibs many months apart and they were all excellent. This consistency proves hand tuning and rigorous quality control. I’ve tried a Leonardo Momento Zero Grande with an EF steel nib just yesterday. Normally one has to be a bit forgiving with EF nibs, even good EF nibs has some slight toothiness or a relatively narrow sweet spot in terms of rotating the nib. That Leonardo EF steel nib was amazingly smooth and was very forgiving on not holding the pen at an optimal angle. I closed my eyes to compare EF and F nibs and I just couldn’t tell the difference.

Yeah, they are really good. I might buy a second one (not sure which model) at some point.

Currently inked (the colours are off :face_with_thermometer:)


Digital meets Analogue :slight_smile:

Currently inked of the bunch is the Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age.


I’m finally down to just one inked pen. A PenBBS 323 with a Jinhao fude nib so that I can write it dry in a reasonable amount of time.


Currently inked:

This Homo Sapiens is really growing on me :slight_smile: I started to fall out of love with the Opus 88 Demonstrator, but this Bock Ti nib has spiced up the writing experience :slight_smile:

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I love the Opus 88 pens @petrisz. If only they could get over their obsession with cap threads, they would be perfect.

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A friend of mine bought an Opus 88 Demo to use it in the kitchen for jotting down shopping list and so on. She inspired me to buy this pen but I soon realised that this is not the pen for taking quick notes needing 3 full turns to remove the cap :smiley: On the plus side: the nib doesn’t dry out fast :slight_smile: