What's your grail pen?

Please share what your grail pen is. I’m really curious :thinking:

Grail is what your ultimate quest is. I would define these as pens that are hard to get thus makes it a quest to obtain them. Quest can be trying to hunt down a limited edition pen for years by going to pen shows, looking for last available pieces in obscure shops around the world, keeping in touch with collectors and so on. Sometimes financial constraints can make a widely available pen a grail for you because it’s a quest to find one that fits your budget or save up for it.

Grail pens for me would be the M800 Radens, so 4 pens in the 1500-2000 euro range. :frowning:

I don’t think I will ever own them so I keep plucking the “low” hanging fruit buying special editions M800s.

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So the new M1000 Raden is not on your list then :wink: :laughing: ? I haven’t seen a Pelikan Raden face to face but I feel really curious about them. I was just thinking the other day what would I find irresistible should a new M1000 LE come out. Looking at what’s currently in production my conclusion was that the Raden could be interesting :slight_smile:

It looks awesome but I don’t want to get into M1000 territory. I already decided that I want to collect the M101N, M600 and M800 ranges and M1000 is full of super expensive limited editions. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is my grail pen: https://www.sbrebrown.com/2015/11/parker-duofold-centennial-akkerman-le-fountain-pen-review/

I already have one of the leftover leaflets but not the pen so far :smiley:

Looks good! It’s very similar to the Big Red. Why do you specifically want the Akkerman edition?

The Duofold Centennial in itself is a nice pen I’d be happy to have. What makes this particular pen a grail for me is that I live in The Hague and it would be a nice manifestation of my connection with my city. I also frequently visit Akkerman, I like the shop and the people there. Unfortunately by the time I wanted to buy an Akkerman Duofold there was none up for grabs. I hope one becomes available in the secondary market.

Peter this may be a strange reply but is it OK to dream up a grail pen as well? The reason that I say this is that I am so enjoying grey inks and I all of a sudden have a grey pen emerging in my mind and I do not see it anywhere. I see it as a gorgeous pearly grey resin or lacquer pen. Probably very conservative looking like Platinum President or Sailor King of Pen or a Montblanc. It would have a gold nib and since the Platinum President has an 18k nib that gives the nib a bit of softness or spring. Not flex just not too firm. The pen body needs life and beauty and not matte or dull. Of course that in a 3776 form would please me. Even in a very expensive form I do not see this pen so I am just going to keep thinking of it and see if it will eventually manifest. To let more people enjoy this pen I would keep it in the $200US price range. I wonder if any other people have a pen in their dream world. It is not thinking of having a really expensive pen but one that is beautiful, writes well but is affordable, Not a collectors pen but a special pen of our heart. Hope you and yours are Ok in this lock down world. We will be Ok if we just do as we are asked and eventually we will come out the other side. My best to all. Barbara

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I hope someone will introduce a pen like this to the market :slight_smile: There is always the possibility of asking someone to create a pen to your specifications :wink: (though you probably need a bigger budget)

Probably a 51 Presidential if I were to allow myself to dream big… that said, I doubt I could ever justify that sort of money outlaid on a pen on my foreseeable wage. So I’ll just stick to my ever growing collection of 51 Customs.

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How nice that you posted and welcome. I think that having a dream in our heart is well worth the effort and so go ahead and describe how your pen would look and forget the money idea. I did set an amount as I too am looking closely at my pen allowance. Of course there are plenty of companies out there we could spend our last dollar but I just enjoy looking at everything but was happy with my Montegrappa Elmo but will not buy their high end pens. I am not sure they are worth it. But there will be the old argument of buying lots of low end pens or save and buy a few high ones. If I were to add up what I have spent over the last five years I would be shocked. But if I were to do it all over again I probably would do the same journey as there was lots of fun along the way and I learned a lot. Again welcome and thanks for dreaming. :pensive: :pensive:. Barbara

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Being in New Zealand so far away from the pen makers like J.Brooks I am probably saved…but sure would be a nice idea. I am hoping someone like Conklin or one of the mid range companies would have a lightening bolt moment and come up with a beautiful ice grey design. I do love your choice and I do not own a Parker of any kind and that Duofold is a beauty. When Mate found that 3776 Kumpoo for me I was so thrilled I am not sure I am over that miracle yet. But maybe I should ask Mate to perform his magic again and locate my dream. Thanks for your post I always enjoy your comments. Barbara

A vintage pen perhaps? I don’t remember something that exactly matches your description but I’ve seen some nice grey vintage pens and the cigar shape is a classic. Maybe your dream pen has been waiting for you for more than half a century :slight_smile:

Hi @BarbaraNZ, Me myself was thinking about having a custom pen made and I’ve found a website that lists a lot of independent small pen manufacturers, many of whom accept bespoke orders. Have a look at it. You might get inspired and find someone who crafts your grail pen for you :slight_smile:

Good Heavens where did all of those pen companies come from! What a rabbit hole of interesting places to look at. I have been forever on the sites and am as confused as can be. I also love Mountains of Ink as my go to for reviews… Thanks Peter for this as I will keeping looking. I am of two minds…whether to go back in time and be surprised or wait for a new introduction that I cannot ignore. Also grey inks have become a passion of mine and I have a pen friend that loves Private Reserve Grey Flannel and I think that is on Mountain of Ink…but I was following so many links I am not sure where I ended up. Thanks so much for this information and if you see any cigar shaped pearlized grey pen of interest let me know. I wish I could have a pen made but I am afraid customs and shipping would double the price. I keep thinking there are materials out there just like I want but not used yet. Jonathan Brooks could make anything in the colour I want but he does a lof Urushi as well and his pens are out of my league. Where are you thinking of having a pen made. And what is your dream design. Oh Laban has a pen in silver intricate lacy design with a California company that looks interesting…but I know nothing about Laban :fountain_pen: …in Taiwan maybe. B

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We’ll have to meet the next time I come visit! We have really good friends in The Hague and we’re there quite often.

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@ujh Absolutely. If Covid 19 is over, you can stay at our place too when you’re around. (We live quite out of the centrum in Loosduinen though.)

Yes, it’s a rabbit hole :smiley: I don’t want anything fancy. I’m not thinking of a grail pen, I don’t have any imagination to come up with such :slight_smile: I was just thinking of a custom pen in the colour of our company logo and engraved, 1 fountain pen for me and one rollerball for my business partner. He is not into pens and more of the industrial design type of guy so a Karas Kustom Ink would be a good base model. The orange anodised aluminum one with having the engraving non-anodised would be perfect. I haven’t contacted Karas Kustoms yet :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer, our friends have a town house where we can stay in Zeeheldenkwartier (pretty ridiculous and probably quite expensive) so we’re covered on that front. :slight_smile: