Platinum #3776 Kumpoo

I just acquired the Platinum #3776 Century Kumpoo. Visually it’s a beautiful pen with a translucent green color and a wavy texture on the cap a body. The nib I got is a 14K Fine. The pen writes very well right out of the box and is pleasant to use. The ink I am using is Krishna Sea & Storm and flows very well - not wet and starts up right away. You can see the pen at

Congrats! :tada:
How is the hand feel of the barrel?
I like the look of the pen, but I liked the looks of the Nice Lavander also, but I didn’t like texture of the barrel.

Also, I just noticed that they put up a ink recipe to match the pen with their mixable inks:

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Besides the color, the other thing I liked about the pen was the texture. It’s very unique and feels quite different from other pens. And, I have enough ink so I won’t have to mix their formula.

The thing that draws me to that pen is that they offer the soft medium which they don’t offer that often. Now I just need to find the money for it!

I got the fine nib. Soft nibs and flex nibs don’t work for me. If I want line variation I have to use either oblique, italic, or stub.

Now I really have to see one in person! :slight_smile:
@ujh I also want one with an SM nib, I hope their all still some left. :slight_smile:

Does the barrel feel different to the standard 3776? I only know the Chartres blue and agree with @danielb on the feel of the pen barrel. Great writer, wonderful nib, but not nice plastic.

I have a couple of #3776s to compare to the Kumpoo. Because of the Kumpoo’s texture, feeling the body or cap is not a good comparison, however, if you feel the cap’s derby and the derbies on the others they all feel the same. Why isn’t the plastic nice?

It’s difficult to describe what is less pleasing about the feel of the plastic. I think it’s because the surface is so highly polished and it’s less easier to grip. That reminds me a bit of the Faber-Castell Loom’s polished metal pen barrel.

Yes the standard #3776 body feels a bit cheap. I heard somewhere that in a Platinum pen most of the money goes into the nib, so the body is made cheaply, or of cheaper stuff then.
Maybe it’s because its lighter, but compared to a Sailor it feels a bit flimsy.

How do the special edition 3776 differ? @tedspens said the plastic is the same. Are they primarily charging ~30% more for the limited availability, i.e. “manufactured scarcity“?

I understand they might need to charge a little more for a special colour because it’s a smaller number to manufacture, but they are still producing a relatively large number.

They’re supposed to make 2500 total. My pen is number 2281 so I would assume they have already produce the total run for the year. For all its drawbacks it is a nice pen to use.

I got my Kumpoo with the SM nib earlier this week. When I first put some pressure on the nib there was a very audible creak, like a squeaky hinge. It kept doing it until it got some ink in there which I assume was lubricating the area where the nib and plastic collar met.

I’m just glad it stopped. I would have had to get rid of it if it did that all the time.

gotta do that mix for my Kumpoo! :smiley: thanks for sharing!

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I just bought a gold EF nib for a #3776 directly from the US company. It cost $57.50 including shipping. I feel that Platinum #3776 nibs are not very good right out of the box. They always need work.

Are there too dry, or misaligned? I have only limited experience with Platinum nibs, Preppies, one #3776, a Procyon, and a Nakaya. The Procyon was dry, but apart from that, most wrote good out of the box.

I believe they’re misaligned and are very scratchy.

Well they have that Platinum feedback, but I didn’t hear that misalignment was a big issue with them. They talk about the #3776 on the most recent PA podcast again, and how good they are out of the box:

How many pens did you have this issue? I think I will look into this.

I have 4 #3776s and none of the nibs were, what I would call, good. All scratchy. One was so bad I had it stubbed and that’s the one I bought the nib for recently. I got an EF. The Kumpoo I got was reasonable and only needed a little smoothing.

I asked the PA and they talked about this problem in their podcast:

I also asked around the PA Slack, and some people said that some of their nibs were dry (mostly SFs), a couple of them had to be readjusted or tuned (UEFs mostly).
It seems that a some people had some issues, but maybe under 50%.